How To Choose A Right Composition Of Website?

Published: 14th November 2011
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If you want your business go online, you need to know of some basic structures for an ideal website. There are largely three structures required for building an effective website. The structures are linear, tiered and webbed. On seeing their usefulness, you have to decide which one can fulfill your requirements. The general tendency among visitors is to go online and start searching for the target information. So, keeping this in mind, you have to organize designs and contents for your website in such a way that could keep those visitors glued to your site. Contents play a vital role in helping you shape your website design. You have to be scrupulous about how you intend for that content to be shared. Given such compulsions, you have to selectively choose the structure which will be the best one for your website.

For the purpose of getting a custom website design, the structures we have been talking about need to be known in detail. Let us discuss them.

About Linear:

A linear website is a website that has prompt from one web page to another web page, so that a linear and logical progression of information is maintained. The application of Fork will be a good choice.

Sometimes, web designers are told that all the merchandises of a business are to be thronged in a single page. That what leads such a web page looks like a harangue. You need to know that visitors may hit upon your web page for getting some information in the first place, but at the same time if they look devoid of creative design it will lose essence. And eventually, the purpose of selling products and or services will not be met. So, while designing a sales web page, make sure that you have created a linear website focused on selling those products and or services. Again, if your intension is to create an instructional website that will be teaching your visitors step by step method to perform something, then make sure that you have enquired of your web design service provider to go for a linear website. For example, a website that tells news, a story, or a narrative will be best sought-after if it has got linear website structure. The most brilliant advantage of linear web structure is that it gives flexibility for website design changes later.

About Tiered:

Entrepreneurs should know that tiered websites are those websites that have different topics and various subtopics within a general subject. In general, a tiered website should have minimum 2 tiers, but that could be smaller one. The general practice that most of the websites follow in this case is to incorporate 3 tiers. Suppose you have 40 topics and each topic has 20 subtopics, then the website will consist of 402 web pages.

Planning a 3 tiered website is very easy like drawing a diagram matches with drawing an organization chart. If you have many topics and a lot of subtopics, then this structure will greatly benefit you in designing your website.

About Webbed:

Among the three basic website types, the webbed structure can be a bit complex, though most of the successful websites use this one. If you plan for a membership site, information-based site, a site full of catalogues; then you must choose this web designing solution. You will greatly be benefitted out of it!

The author has been with Chrome Web Solutions for long years. He has vast knowledge over different types of professional web development services.

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